Finding, selling, and converting new business is a challenging task. Public relations is an effective catalyst for propelling your business from point A to point B—and beyond. But it goes well beyond a well-written press release or timely media coverage. Good public relations lays the foundation for all your core business development processes—it’s about creating and maintaining thought leadership, instilling the belief and advocacy of independent, third-party market influencers, and providing compelling, credible proof points to customers on a continual basis. This is how you ACHIEVE your first challenge: getting attention.


You clearly know the importance of your company and the advantages its products and services deliver. But do your prospects, partners, channels, and other stakeholders recognize your differentiated value? Effective public relations is about composing and conveying a unique narrative that underscores the inherent benefits you deliver — but from the target audience’s perspective. Now that you have their attention, how do you COMPEL? By being relevant. Always.


All businesses face some level of competition, and most often, direct and stiff. This makes for a noisy marketplace, where prospects, partners, and influencers are left to perpetually discern, consider and accept potential messages. Strategic and effective public relations presents you with the best opportunities for differentiating yourself from the pack. Not just to get ahead of a market conversation, but to make it your own, by articulating value propositions, sharing successes, and inspiring customers. This is how to CONNECT your solution to their need.


Generating publicity is essential, but building, nurturing, and maintaining long-lasting bonds with your audiences is really where the rubber meets the road. This is what differentiates Parallel Communications. Our goal is always to deepen that bond. Because at the end of the day, your customers are less interested in point products as they are in identifying a partner that can be an indispensable resource for solving ongoing business challenges. We do exactly this: provide a platform that allows you to align your company’s value propositions with market dynamics and prospect need—even as products, technologies, and trends may change. Effective public relations SUSTAIN brand recognition to generate and nurture business.

What We Offer

Our Services

Strategic Planning

Parallel’s client relationships extend well beyond traditional public relations. Our clients rely on our expertise gained through years developing and implementing strategies that include go-to-market positioning and messaging, competitive selling, and channel outreach. Strategic planning is essential for implementing a communications program that proactively impacts multiple aspects of the business. It is the core of what Parallel does, and we are proud that our clients recognize the value that this capability delivers.

Influencer Relations

In a B2B setting, sales cycles are complicated, and buying decisions are typically impacted by market influencers—those editors, reporters, analysts, and bloggers that regularly report—and opine—on myriad innovations, products, solutions, and ideas permeating the market. Parallel works with hundreds of influencers in various industries. We strive to personalize each approach rather than rely on ‘cookie cutter’ pitches. This results in substantive conversations and interactions that translate into long-term relationships, and serves the existing and evolving needs of our clients.

Content Generation

Parallel is adept at generating innovative content that reinforces key ideas, promotes thought leadership, and motivates partners, customers, and other influencers. The content we develop—news releases, feature articles, case studies, features, blogs, and other items, are regularly placed in mainstream and trade publications, channel-oriented outlets, video and social media. As a result, our clients have a substantive platform to rise above the din and deliver compelling and salient audience-centric messages in a highly saturated marketplace.


Our Team

Glenn Goldberg

Chief Executive Officer

John Stafford

Executive Vice President

Suzanne Mattaboni

Senior Director of Account Services

Cathy Stassi

Operations Manager

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